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Why You Need A Real Trial Lawyer

Your job is your livelihood. When that is threatened by discrimination, harassment or unfair wage practices by your employer, we know how stressful it can be. At Lavi & Ebrahimian, LLP, we help employees in California protect their rights and hold their employers accountable for discrimination and wage and hour violations.


Employers and their attorneys know which law firms will accept a mediocre settlement offer and which ones will put up a fight on their client’s behalf. We are proud to be in the second group. While many employment lawyers hesitate to take cases to trial, we embrace the chance to tell your story in court.

Much of our business comes as referrals from other attorneys in the Los Angeles area who have seen us try — and win — cases in courts throughout California. Our colleagues know what we have achieved on behalf of other workers and they trust us to put up a strong fight.


Not all attorneys are created equal. Many lawyers claim to be litigators but lack the trial experience to aggressively and confidently represent your interests in court. We are proud of our reputation as tenacious trial lawyers, and we believe it is integral to our clients’ success.

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Notable Cases

  • Pearson Dental SuppliesInc. vSuperior Court (2010) 48 Cal.4th 665
  • Alvarado v. Dart Container Corp. of California (2018) 4 Cal.5th 542
  • Langley v. Penske Motor Group (2nd App. Dist. Dec. 19, 2017, No. B275610)
  • Arellano v. Vo (4th App. Dist. Oct. 22, 2014, No. G048486)
  • Garcia v. U.S. Bancorp (9th Cir. June 18, 2014 No. 12-56287)
  • Garcia v. RPSAJ, Inc. (2nd App. Dist. May 14, 2013, No. B235901)
  • Aguilar v. F.S. Hotels (L.A.), Inc., (2nd App. Dist. Aug. 28, 2009, No. B210159)
  • Arellano v. Vo (4th App. Dist. Mar. 7, 2012, No. G044393)
  • Cairns v. Ventura Urgent Care Center Med. Corp. (2nd App. Dist. Mar. 24, 2008, No. B199116)

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At Lavi & Ebrahimian, we help employees throughout California vigorously protect their rights and pursue justice for workplace discrimination and wage and hour violations.