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“I was wrongfully terminated after a disability from a huge well known organization.”

After consulting with many attorneys, being told I had nothing and making me feel bad as if I wasted their time, I almost gave up. Joseph [Lavi] said I had a valid case within minutes of speaking with me. Not only did he determine I had a case, but also a class-action. Joseph and Nick [Ebrahimian] both had to go up against what I’m sure were some very intimidating people in powerful positions.

Anonymous | Former Client

His attitude was very professional. He made sure that they knew he wasn’t a force that could not be intimidated.”

It was amazing to see how he stood up for me to those people in powerful positions who tried everything to tear me down. I like to call Joseph the “Firecracker” because of this. In the end he won both our cases, he changed a lot of people’s lives. Both Joseph and Nick always made sure I was ok during this entire stressful process. They made sure I knew what to expect and if I needed anything they were always there to help. I am forever thankful and I have learned a lot from both of them.

Anonymous | Former Client

“Nick Ebrahimian is a very knowledgeable attorney.”

He helped me out tremendously and efficiently with an issue I had with my former employer. I highly recommend anyone looking for a labor law lawyer to contact him.

Anita | Former Client

My case is currently in process with Nick [Ebrahimian]. What I would like to say is that I feel like everything will go well.

I have a lot of faith in this lawyer due to how professional he carries himself! What I like most about this attorney is how professional he can be by responding to any questions quickly no matter how busy he can be! He always takes his time to explain details to make sure you understand what you’re confused about. I most definitely recommend Nick! I am always aware of my case and he always keeps me in the loop. He is a very trustworthy person! I had bad experiences with many attorneys but finding Nick is a true blessing!”

Anonymous | Former Client