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How Does Biden’s Childcare/Eldercare Executive Order Affect Me?

April 19, 2023 | Employment Law

The crisis surrounding the care workforce continues to intensify and families struggle to afford care while caregivers continue to be grossly underpaid. In major American cities the cost of childcare can exceed rent. 


The National Domestic Workers Alliance sees this executive order as a major step toward modernizing the American care system. AARP, a lobbying group for older adults, and AFL-CIO, the country’s largest labor organization, also welcomed the executive order.


Federal agencies have been directed to identify grant programs that pay for childcare and long-term health care and to consider requiring companies that apply for federal job-creation funds to expand access to care for their employees, among other actions. Military families will find relief as the access to care and value per dollar increases. Some provisions will examine ways to improve care for veterans and Native American tribes.


In an effort to improve working conditions, the department of Health and Human Services has been instructed to increase pay and benefits for Head Start employees. Medicare funding regulations will be issued to ensure funding for long-term care workers and will test a new dementia care model that would include support for respite care under Medicare.


It will take time to develop and enact some regulations while others will take effect more immediately. Overall, care will become more affordable and accessible while caregivers can look forward to higher pay and better benefits. Biden said, “The executive order… is about making sure that taxpayers get the best value for the investments they’ve already made.


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