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New Ride for Disneyland’s Employees; called “Forming a Union.”

February 20, 2024 | Employment Law

Under the name “Magic United,” employees within the Characters and Parades departments at the Anaheim resort announced on Tuesday their plans to unionize, joining the Actors’ Equity Association, which represents 51,000 professional actors and stage members across Broadway and live theater nationwide. 


Most of the Disneyland workforce is already unionized and their colleagues at Walt Disney World, Florida, have enjoyed union benefits for decades.


Labor organizers have initiated the circulation of union authorization cards to 1,700 Disneyland workers and stated their intention to seek voluntary recognition from the company once a majority have signed. 


In the event that Disney chooses not to recognize the union, Actors’ Equity Association will submit the cards to the National Labor Relations Board, which will then schedule a union recognition election for the cast members. Disneyland’s initial response states, “We believe that our cast members deserve to have all the facts and the right to a confidential vote that recognizes their individual choices.” 


Alongside character actors portraying iconic roles such as Mickey Mouse, Snow White, and Cinderella, the bargaining unit also encompasses the cast members supprt teams, hosts, and trainers. 


“Equity already represents hundreds of performers at Walt Disney World in Orlando, and we have a long and successful bargaining relationship with Disney,” said Kate Shindle, president of the Actors’ Equity Association, “Disney workers are openly and powerfully invested in and loyal to the Walt Disney Co. and its values; so it’s reasonable for them to expect ‘the happiest place on earth’ to pay them fairly and prioritize their health and safety.” 


The association noted that while most of the Disneyland workforce is already unionized, those in the Characters and Parades departments have been a notable exception. By unionizing, cast members aim to initiate a more constructive dialogue with their employer, addressing concerns regarding workplace safety, fair wages, and greater transparency in scheduling and rehiring decisions. The leaders of Magic United look forward to collaborating with both their fellow employees and Disney leadership to ensure that their talents remain central to the Disneyland experience for generations to come, pointing out, “We are the Magic!” 


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